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New Community Youth Complex

A Ministry is not just a Church or a Christian School.
Ministry is not simply a place and time to sing and worship,

nor simply math and english being taught from Christian curriculum.

Ministry is “People”, God’s People, “in action”, being the hands and feet of God,
the voice and mind of God, MAKING A DIFFERENCE in a life, in a family, in a community, in the part of the world where God has placed them!

God has carefully given each person exactly what they need to fulfill their “purpose” and God’s plan for their life.   The Vision of the Sonshine Community Youth Complex is bigger than our Pastors, bigger than our staff, bigger than any person.
God wants to use YOU to make a difference in the implementation, utilization, and eternal fruit of the Legacy Project!

You Do Count!
You Do Make a Difference!
You ARE Very Important!