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Sonshine Coaches

Mrs. Lisa Speer
Athletics Director

Mr. Steve Speer
Varsity Boys Football Coach
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Mr. Gerald Nichols
Jr. Varsity Boys Football Coach

Mrs. April Ordway
Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach

Mr. Sean Gallagher
Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Mr. Chad Gallant
Jr. Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Miss Leah Speer
Jr. Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach

Matthew 28:19- Go therefore and make disciples…

Sports provide excellent opportunities for discipleship as students learn important life lessons on leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, perseverance, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.  We use athletics to prepare students for life as Christian leaders who choose character, wisdom, and integrity, while striving to follow God’s will for their lives.

Total character development of our students is the goal.  Promoting honesty, humility, loyalty, respect, and unity are priority.  These traits are foundational in building a “TEAM”.  This is what Warrior-Spirit is all about!


  • Teach the Principles of Winning
  • Exemplify Christian Values and Morals
  • Achieve Maximum Physical, Moral and Spiritual Character Development
  • Mentor Students to a Deeper Relationship with Jesus

Our Coaches:

  • Foster opportunities for discipleship
  • Build relationships with players and parents 
  • Encourage good academics and citizenship
  • Teach the team concept, coupled with strong competition
  • Present teams prepared to play
  • Do all these things with the primary goal of bringing honor to the Lord Jesus


Students of Sonshine Christian Academy have the opportunity to participate in the following:

Boys Varsity Flag Football
Boys JV Flag Football
Boys Varsity Basketball
Boys JV Basketball

Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls JV Volleyball
Girls Basketball